My Experiences With Local Houston & San Francisco Escorts

In this post i want to talk about my favorite 3 cities in the U.S and how i enjoy my time when i am there alone on business trips…

Houston Texas: Hottest Escorts in America

Houston is by far one of my favorite places to visit when I am in the states. I like it because the weather is good and the women are amazing! There are some really cool things to do in houston such as watching all the different sporting teams like the houston rockets, astros, and the Texans. The food is great, and they also have some of the best strip clubs in america hands down!houston & san francisco escorts

When I am in town i always get an escort from this site  and usually get two girls for the entire weekend so that i am never lonely on my trips. This usally costs me around $10,000 for the both and every where i go people look at me like i am some kind of god or something. Its a truly priceless experience. As I mentioned before when I not doing business i would take my two girls out for dinner, live entertainment and everynight when we get back to the room we all massage each other nude and give massive amounts of sexual pleasure to one another.

San Francisco: Too Many Escorts to choose from!

San francisco is like being in heaven 24/7. The amount of supermodels in this city is stunning. Everytime i come here I do the same thing as any other city lol! I cant imagine a better way to spend my free time. I purchase two escorts from this site: and than i show them the time of their lives. It is truly a great feeling to be able to afford this kind of lifestyle where everywhere i go i can get the hottest escorts and can do virtually whatever i want with them.

Finding Las Vegas Escorts & Strip Clubs

If you are not a local in Las Vegas than this city can easily turn you out faster than you can get struck by lightning. Las Vegas is a fast city, that loves to take advantage of its visitors with overpriced everything. Nightclubs, restaurants etc etc are all overpriced but there are ways to get around this, and this is what this post will be covering.

Las Vegas Strip Clubs

las vegas escortMy two favorite strip clubs to visit in las vegas is the olympic gardens and the crazy horse 3. Thankfully when i visited these clubs i had a buddy who was a resident of las vegas and knew how to get in these clubs for free, without him i wouldve paid alot more money than i had to on stuff. For example a limo ride cost $30 for one of those cadilac trucks and it cost $50 to get into the club plus the drinks cost $20 each! With him we got a free limo, free entry and I even got 2 free lap dances! The secret is to call a promoter instead of going by yourself. Luckily he was a promoter and I had the time of my life! You can check out the promotional links here for both clubs…

Crazy Horse 3

Olympic Gardens

The next best thing to do but easy to get ripped off is calling Las Vegas escorts. This is a massive multi billion dollar industry in las vegas alone and it is very cut throat. The best way to avoid gettin scammed is to go with a reputable agency. There are many out there but not all are trustworthy. Some have beautiful girls and some have monsters. Depending on your budget you will get what yu pay for. Typical Las Vegas rates are $1000/hr

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